Terminus Nord

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Terminus Nord

23 rue de Dunkerque

Paris, 75010

The Terminus Nord is a colossal brasserie perched across from the Gare du Nord, distinct for its illustrious history, dazzling décor, and seafood-centric menu. Once you enter, you’ll be met with a dizzying, awe-inspiring combination of art deco and art nouveau elements dating back to the early 1900s, from soaring ceilings, glittering crystal chandeliers, and fresco paintings, to mahogany leather banquettes and mirrored walls. The menu is divided into “Oysters & Seafood,” “Starters,” “Meals,” and “Desserts,” with highlights such as crisp, hearty, creamy, or meaty oysters on the half-shell, the Royal Platter -- with crab, lobster, langoustines, prawns, and oysters -- and calf sweetbread and kidney, made with morels and greens.