Veggie Village

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

Veggie Village is the gatekeeper for newly converted vegetarians, offering open arms and a menu of accessible plant-based dishes that won’t make you crave a bacon cheeseburger. The Village’s fried pot stickers, lettuce wraps, edamame, spring rolls, and General Tso’s (mock) chicken mean you’ll eat some of your favorite snacks without the added meaty guilt at this Phoenix spot that is clean, bright, and always happy to have you.

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Former meat lovers rejoice, because Veggie Village has everything you need to relive your meat-eating days. From faux chicken and fish to burgers, the Asian-inspired menu has almost anything you might find yourself craving. We recommend the orange chicken, sweet and sour fish, and the Beyond Burger. Vegetarian options can also be made vegan for those avoiding all animal products.

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