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Cannon Beach Distillery

Cannon Beach
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Cannon Beach Distillery

255 N Hemlock St

Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Only a true distiller would name his or her still. At Cannon Beach Distillery, Bernie the custom made Vendome Copper Still single distills every drop of alcohol with the Cannon Beach name on it. Spirits here are fermented using raw ingredients, distilled, matured, bottled, and labeled in-house, and they are grouped into three different categories: The Rock Series, which consists of the Dorymen’s Silver Rum, Donlon Shanks Amber Rum, and Il Kêyóte Spirits distilled from agave, The Tidal Series, and The Carronade Collection, made up of spirits that are manufactured only once. At the distillery, a Shingle-style boozy cottage, you’ll be able to witness the distilling process and sample the spirits. While Cannon beach welcomes the spirits’ use in cocktails, note that it will not sell a spirit unless it is of high enough quality to enjoy on its own, so we recommend ordering it straight.