Honky Tonk tacos
Alex Frane

Honky Tonk Taco


Taco Place
Honky Tonk Taco

3384 SE Division St

Portland, OR 97202

The lineup at Honky Tonk, opened by Clyde Common Executive Chef Carlo Lamagna and restaurateur Nate Tilden, is as flavorful as it is simple: tacos, chips, salsa, and cocktails. The menu is even separated as "TACOS" and "NOT TACOS." Be sure to try the taco with fried shrimp and avocado, and the rich and spicy mushroom taco. Margaritas abound (again, you'll find two sections on the menu titled "MARGARITAS" and "NOT MARGARITAS"), but you should check out the other Mexican-themed drinks, too, like the Southbound Suarez (tequila, horchata, becherovka, lime juice, agave).