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Campfire lights up the food and drink scene in Carlsbad with a 12-foot wood- and charcoal-fired grill and smokey dishes like grilled dates, griddle bread, and charred leg of lamb with goat milk and pistachio. And what kind of campfire doesn't have s'mores for dessert? Campfire's update on the Girl Scout classic features a spiced graham phyllo dough and the requisite filling of chocolate and marshmallow. As if the wood-fueled grill wasn't enough, the building -- a former Quonset hut from WWII -- is decked out with oak, canvas, and a carved-wood mountain mural.

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Fusing glamping chic with industrial elements, Campfire’s light-filled dining room and spectacular open kitchen brings the outdoors inside with cozy touches like polished wood panels and lots of twinkling lights. Fire is the star of the menu as well—most dishes have at least one element that’s been grilled, charred, coal-roasted, seared, or smoked over open flame, including the cocktail menu. Parties of up to six are easily reserved online, and groups of seven to ten can be accommodated. For tables over seven, a special, four-course menu is offered at $80 per person, inclusive of tax and tip and prepaid at the time of reservation. It includes one entree each and plenty of family-style starters, sides, and dessert, but not beverages.
How to book: Reserve any size party online. You can also view the special menu there.

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