Duc Loi Pantry San Francisco Mission Banh Mi
Courtesy of Mission Banh Mi

Duc Loi Pantry


San Francisco
Mon8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Duc Loi Pantry

5900 3rd St

San Francisco, CA 94124

At the Bayview outpost of the family-owned and operated Duc Loi, you'll find all the same organic produce and groceries as the Mission Street location, plus a built-in deli serving banh mi sandwiches. They're worth coming to the market for even if you don't have any groceries to buy. Go for "The Authentic," a massive torta-style sandwich brimming with roasted pork belly, five-spice-rubbed pork shoulder, picked veggies, house-made head cheese, and Vietnamese pork sausage.