Ink Eats and Drinks

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Ink Eats and Drinks

2730 N St

Sacramento, CA 95816

You can’t get boneless chicken wings in a tattoo parlor (one would hope), but you can get them, and a drink or two, at a bar themed like one! Think of the place like a head-to-toe body tattoo, if that body took the form of a restaurant that served American bar fare to both brunch and night crowds. Color is everywhere (fire red walls and purple booths) and few elements of the decor would look out of place emblazoned on a muscled biker’s bicep (murals and wall art in the American Traditional tattoo style). Late-night eats include alcohol-absorbing hits like chicken sandwiches, cheesesteaks, burgers and fried egg sliders on Hawaiian buns. If that wasn’t reason enough for tattooed tipplers to show face, if you flash the bartender your tattoo on a Tuesday, he or she will pour you a $3 shot special. (If you just get one on the inside of your lip, maybe your mother will never notice).