Wann Yen Seattle
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Wann Yen

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Dessert Shop
Wann Yen

1313 NE 43rd St

Seattle, WA 98105

With a small but mighty menu, Wann Yen in University District is a favorite for those with an adventurous dessert palate. The shaved ice dessert spot offers six flavor combinations, like a mixture of tropical fruits with red date, toddy palm seed, sweet yam, and cendol (which more closely resembles green beans than a frozen treat, but that’s besides the point). Mark and Picha Pinkaow opened Wann Yen to recreate some of their favorite Thailand hangouts stateside, visible in a multicolored wall of Thai goods for sale and the inclusion of Thai toppings, like ruby water chestnuts, jackfruit, and lychee. If you’re here on a hungrier stomach, Wann Yen also has a couple of savory options; the highly acclaimed Khao mun gai chicken is poached, served over ginger rice, and accompanied by garlic dipping sauce and winter melon soup.