Kenzo Ramen

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Kenzo Ramen

138 Dundas St. W

Toronto, M5G 1C3

Kenzo Ramen’s soup broths are derived from the potent combination of two soup bases (a practice not commonly recreated outside of Japan): a dried seafood base and a pork and chicken bone base. But the ramen is more than just the sum of its broth parts; this ultra authentic stock is then stirred with long strands of thin, slippery noodles that are made daily and then aged overnight to unmask as much flavor as possible. Add a special house-made sauce that’s been fermented for three months, and there you have it: a Kenzo Ramen dish, landing in one of the menu’s “basic,” “hot,” “cuisine,” and “tonkotsu” ramen categories. Perhaps the favorite bowl is the King of Kings, which is spicy Netsu ramen topped with roasted pork, sliced egg, fish cake, fresh seaweed, dried seaweed, and one additional seasonal topping.