Pica Taco

Washington DC
Taco Place

Can you eat a four-pound burrito in 45mins or less? Your choice: beef, chicken or pork. What are you, some kind of wuss? Give it your best shot during one of the monthly Saturday contests at this energetic, orange-walled counter-service taqueria. If the prize of a $15 gift certificate, venue t-shirt and a photo on the wall of fame isn't enough incentive for you to get burrito-pregnant and/or leave on a stretcher, a menu of (normal-sized) tostadas, tacos, tamales, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tortas are also on offer, filled with lengua (beef tongue, mole chicken, chorizo, shrimp, barbacoa, spinach, fish or steak). Owner Maria Villalta, who you'll see on the grill in the Aztec-accented space, is a neighborhood favorite.

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