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Talk about a place that lives up to its name. This speakeasy, located inside an inconspicuous door on a Sixth Street alleyway, will make you feel like you’ve left behind the beer-soaked sidewalks of the Dirty, and arrived at the garden of paradise. Complete with dark, moody lighting, luxe furniture, and an illustrated book of their cocktail offerings, you’ll shed the dirty vibes outside as soon as you enter through its decadent velvet curtain. Don’t expect the kind of Mind Eraser shot that dominates so many of the area’s bars here—Eden’s spirit-based libations are unique and meticulously-crafted. For newbies, a great place to start is the Reap and Sow, made with mezcal, sherry, habanero, and clarified apple. It’s the sophisticated version of a spicy margarita you never knew you needed.
How to book: Make a reservation online via Tock.

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Dirty 6th may not be traditionally thought of as the best bar district in Austin to find a fancy cocktail, but speakeasy, Eden Cocktail Room, is here to bring some class to the area usually labeled as a drunken coed hangout. Enter through a nondescript alleyway door into a dimly-lit, sexy lounge, complete with mirrors, velvet couches, and brick walls covered with neon lettering. A perfect place for a romantic date, or a celebratory night with the crew, their herbaceous, delicious drinks are bound to tease your palate with flavors you have not yet experienced. Be sure to try the Naked and Shameless, a smoky, mezcal-based take on a tropical drink that comes in such a tall, iced-filled glass you might have to hover over the seat of your chair to reach the straw, and the In The Beginning, another mezcal fixture that gives us serious espresso martini feels.

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