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After a long wait, Chicago import Federales opened in Deep Ellum last May, and they brought enough tequila and tacos for the whole neighborhood. The lofty, industrial space spans 12,000 square feet, which is plenty of room to spread out at a table with some friends and start taking down plates of Smoked Brisket Nachos, Carnitas Tacos, and Lamb Quesabirria served with consommé. Sip something from the extensive tequila list, try a cocktail, or “ring the bell.” The latter is one of the more unique drinking experiences in town, in which you’ll down a shot served in an ice shot glass, and then throw that icy glass against a bell to hear it ring.
How to book: Reserve via SevenRooms.

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It’s absolutely, 100% impossible to walk into Federales and not be instantly ready to party. The music is pumping, the crowd’s laughing at full volume, and what’s not to love about slamming tequila shot glasses made of ice to make a bell ring? This isn’t the best spot for a couple looking to talk about life and they know that, so it’s easy to save a space for you and your 19 besties for an afternoon/evening of margaritas and tacos by the multi-dozen.
How to book: Make reservations for up to 20 people via SevenRooms.

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