Fleet Street Pie Company

Santa Clara

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Listing a chef from the community-based meal delivery service Shef can open a can of delicious worms, as there are many amazing chefs on the site. However, New Zealand (and Australian) meat pies are hard to come by in the Bay, so Fleet Street must be mentioned. The California-born, New Zealand-raised chef, Genni Thomas, makes real-deal bacon and egg pies, steak and cheese pies, and sausage rolls with crisp, flaky pastry that all look straight from Aotearoa. There’s also dessert, including airy pavlova and coconut-covered lamingtons. Bonus: the delivery range is generous. A customer in San Francisco can order a couple of days in advance from the Santa Clara-based business.
How to order: Order at least two days in advance via Shef.

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