Forest Ave COMEunity Fridge

Staten Island

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How to donate: Learn more here and fill out volunteer form. Monetary donations via CashApp and Go Fund Me.
What’s inside: Fruits, vegetables, milk and pre-made meals. Pantry contains have canned vegetables, grains such as rice and pasta, and breakfast items and snacks
A note from its operators: “The Forest Avenue COMEunity fridge is more than just a way to provide our community with access to healthy food. It also serves as a way for us to build true restoration, empowerment, and unity in Staten Island amongst its residents and in the Mariners Harbor community. Our vision for the fridge is to bring visibility to Staten Island’s most marginalized communities and the issues our communities face. Many people have a whitewashed and divisive image of Staten Island; the Forest Avenue ComeUnity fridge serves as a way to dispel preexisting beliefs and reflect a more diverse, creative, and communal Staten Island.”

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