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Aug 6, 2020

Where to Eat in Charleston Right Now

The gist: One of the few brave restaurants to open in 2020, Gale is a chef-owned, Italian-forward restaurant from Chef Brett Chizinski. Self-described as “pizza, pasta, and everything weird in between,” the restaurant balances a casual approach with a serious dedication to quality.
The food: Gale’s menu is divided into four sections: small plates, pizza, pasta, and large plates. Although it’s selections have changed a few times since opening, these should be your go-tos if they’re available: fried patty pan squash with golden raisins, the sausage pizza with goat cheese and mustard cream, the summer pesto orecchiette with white acre peas and fried capers, and the chicken puttanesca with polenta and chimichurri. 
The cost: Small plates are $8-13, pizzas and pasta are $15-16, and the large plates are $16-24. 

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