Glenrio Ghost Town


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Before passing into New Mexico, make a pitstop in Glenrio, an eerie attraction straddling the two states. When the railroad depot closed in 1955, the once-bustling town was hit hard. But things grew even worse for local motels, gas stations, and diners in the ‘70s, when I-40 plowed through the area in an effort to rush people past rather than through Glenrio. As business dried up, the residents left, and today the town is an uninhabited relic lined with dusty, derelict structures that harken back to its former heydey. Stroll through the Glenrio Historic District along the old Route 66 to glimpse icons of yore, including the Little Juarez Diner and the Streamline Moderne Texaco station, both of which served generations of road trippers nearly a century ago.

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