Photo by Melissa Chang
Photo by Melissa Chang

Han No Daidokoro

Korean Restaurant
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The gist: A luxurious all-Wagyu dinner is on offer at this decadent, meaty yakiniku.
The food: Han no Daidokoro flies Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef from Japan every few days to ensure its quality—the meat is never frozen. The omakase includes 11 dishes, all of which showcase the Wagyu prepared or seasoned in different ways. If that’s too expensive for you, they do offer a second tier that is a mix of Miyazaki and Oregon-raised washu beef, as well as a course that’s just washu beef.
The cost: The Miyazaki omakase is $150 per person, the mixed omakase is $120, and the washu omakase is $85. You can also order extra meat items a la carte, ranging from $20 to $128. Specialty cocktails are $14, classic cocktails are $9-15, sochu is $7-9 btg, sake is $16-45 btg, and wine is $12-15 btg.
How to book: Make reservations by calling 808-527-3229 or online.

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