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A former tattoo artist and reality TV star, Happy Ice founder Lemeir Mitchell has enjoyed an unconventional path to becoming a purveyor of water ice—a type of Philly-style Italian ice that’s rarely found its way out of its hometown. As a born-and-raised Philadelphian, Mitchell was determined to introduce the iconic treat to Los Angeles, which you can now find at his roaming food trucks and Melrose storefront. If you’ve never had Mitchell’s water ice before, the ultra-smooth, ice cream-like texture might tempt you into thinking dairy is involved, but his rich, frozen treats are vegan-friendly and nut-free. In brightly colored flavors like Strawberry Lemon Lush, Mango Madness, or Rainbow Rocket (a vibrant combo of all eight flavors that’s highly Instagrammable), these cool concoctions are the ultimate summer treat.

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