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Harlo Steakhouse

Las Vegas
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Harlo opened in late 2021, but is already one of our favorite steakhouses in Las Vegas, bringing an impressive dose of Strip-worthy flash and sizzle to the 'burbs—in this case, Downtown Summerlin. The dining room is a stylish art-deco space, matched by an ambitious menu by chef Gina Marinelli of La Strega, one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Las Vegas. Marinelli flame-grills prime Flannery and Allen Brothers cuts over white oak for an enticing smell that reaches the parking lot. The pastas that made La Strega a hit are reformatted as side dishes here. There's also special attention paid to seafood (especially the shellfish and flame-grilled branzino) and Bulgarian caviar, sourced by Forte's Nina Manchev and served in a choice of fun presentations that have included tacos, custard, and macarons. The wine and cocktails are worthy steakhouse complements, with four Julep variations alone.

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