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May 18

From Las Cruces to Santa Fe, Take This Dreamy New Mexico Road Trip

Chiles are a big deal in New Mexico—and locals will tell you there’s no better place for chile farming in the world (which doesn’t hurt the state’s killer selection of Mexican food hotspots!), which is why the Hatch Chile Express, a chile pepper farm, is a must-visit when cruising through this Southwestern state. These chiles, which come in a variety of flavors and colors, have an entire festival dedicated to their spicy, sweet taste, but you can experience the magic of the Hatch chile any time by visiting the Hatch Chile Express—especially during the traditional growing season from August to September. Stop in and try the four chile peppers—each at a different level of heat—as well as shop decorative chile ristras, frozen chiles, chile powders, salsas, and of course—commemorative T-shirts and magnets. 

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