Holy Shrimp Cajun Seafood Fusion

Las Vegas
Seafood Restaurant

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Seafood boils are a popular (and messy) pastime in Las Vegas, with restaurants like Hot n' Juicy Crawfish, The Boiling Crab, and The Vikings drawing large crowds for shellfish steamed in plastic bags. Yet Holy Shrimp offers a fresh take on the concept with Asian touches—most notably the sauces. Choose between a numbing Chinese-style mala, curry, lemon pepper, or the signature spicy Holy Sauce. Stick with the option to keep the heads on the shrimp and suck out that sweet meat when ripping 'em apart. The sourcing is exceptional, especially with the green mussels, and thick King crab legs. The Japanese kurobuta sausage is another welcome touch and pairs surprisingly well with the sweet potato fries. Holy Shrimp was founded by Kevin Chong, a Nobu veteran who's also the culinary force behind the fantastic and more formal Japaneiro for Asian fusion.
How to book: Call 702-405-9157 or order online for pickup.

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