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Is this a list of the best barbecue joints in SF? Yes, it is. Is Horn Barbecue across the bridge in Oakland? Also, yes. But there’s no way we were going to put out a list of the best barbecue and not include pitmaster-extraordinaire Matt Horn. Believe us, it’s worth the drive (or BART ride) to get his Michelin Bib Gourmand-listed, West Coast-style barbecue featuring brisket, spare ribs, pulled pork, and more. Want to go hog wild? You can on Sundays when you can buy a whole hog. Also, you cannot leave without an order of the Banana Pudding. Take it home to enjoy later if you’re too full to eat it there. Just please make sure it gets in your mouth eventually.
How to enjoy: Walk-in or pre-order online.

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Renowned pitmaster Matt Horn’s barbecue is so popular that people line up around the block to get their hands on some. “Gotta give it up to him,” chef German says. His restaurant is fantastic.” He draws his meat-smoking inspiration from Central Texas and the South but ultimately describes it as “West Coast barbecue,” a thing that, thanks to his tender, 16-hour oak-smoked brisket with a perfectly crispy layer of charred bark, is destined to put the Bay Area on the barbecue map. What to order? Truly, you can’t go wrong with any of the meats, but make sure you get a side of Granny’s Potatoes—a cheesy potato casserole based on Horn’s grandmother’s recipe—with every order, and if you want something special, go on Sundays when he smokes a whole hog.
How to enjoy: Open for walk-ins Thursday–Sunday. You can also pre-order to skip the line.

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