Hui Tou Xiang Hollywood

Los Angeles
Dumpling Restaurant
Available for Delivery/Takeout

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People come to Hollywood for a lot of reasons—the Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese, a misunderstanding of LA geography and how and where the film and TV industry actually works—but fantastic specialty Chinese food has not been high on that list, until now. Hui Tou Xiang is one of the San Gabriel Valley’s best and most low-key dumpling stars, famous for their eponymous Hui Tou dumplings, oblong pan-fried potstickers filled with juicy pork. They also serve better than average noodles and excellent kimchi, and for this Hollywood location they’ve glammed things up a little bit with skewers, some neon signage, and a small selection of beer, wine, and sake. And miracle of miracles, they even brought their SGV prices with them.
How to book: Walk in or call for pickup at 323-645-7272.

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