Izzy's Pizza Bus

Las Vegas
Available for Delivery/Takeout

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This magical pizza bus started roaming Las Vegas in 2019, bringing joy to the tastebuds of everyone who encountered it with their Detroit-style deep dish square pizzas. To give a quick crash course: Detroit-style pizza is the best there is, end of lesson. Co-owner and pizzaiolo Brett Geiger is vibrating on some other kind of frequency, crafting a symphony of dense-yet-airy focaccia-like dough with buttered edges covered in caramelized mozzarella, crispy cups of pepperoni, and a sauce that’s bright on the palate and the perfect complement to the rest of the ‘za (too often, especially on Detroit pizzas, the sauce either overpowers or underwhelms)—all in perfect harmony. Add dollops of garlic ricotta for a truly sublime dining experience.
How to order: Follow them on Insta to find out where they’re headed, then order in advance online or show up and order in-person.

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