Jazz, TX

San Antonio
Jazz, TX

312 Pearl Pkwy, Bldg 6

San Antonio, TX 78215

Jazz, TX is not just a music venue: it’s Tobin Hill’s hub for all things music, booze, and food. Located in the 3,500sqft space once dedicated to bottling beer at the Historic Pearl Brewery, Jazz, TX carries on the venue’s penchant for beverage. It features original, quality cocktails with a Southern edge, like a south of the border negroni and a Texas-style rye Collins. In addition to craft cocktails and nostalgic Southern fare (think fried okra and chilaquiles), it's known for a wide variety of music genres -- jazz, blues, salsa, Texas swing, big band, and more. Jazz, TX combines live music, dancing, and a versatile food and drink menu into its South Texan repertoire.