Jikasei Mensho

San Francisco
Ramen Restaurant

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Mensho Tokyo’s second ramen shop opened inside of the Twitter building in December and is focused on miso broths and takeout. There are currently just a couple of ramens on the menu, all made with thick al dente noodles, including an extra rich and creamy miso ramen and a spicy curry miso ramen, both of which can be customized with your level of spiciness, chashu (roasted pork, roasted chicken, spiced ground lamb, shoyu dashi shiitake, A5 premium Miyazaki Kuroge Wagyu), and toppings like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, fried garlic, and more. All of the ramens come in special takeout containers (though there is some seating at the restaurant), and you let them know if you’ll be slurping within or after 15 minutes. You’ll get the noodles in a separate container if it’s after.
How to enjoy: Walk-ins only.

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