Jjim Korean Braised Bbq

Asian Restaurant
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South Lamar’s sizzling Korean hot spot is KBBQ on a mission. Its specialty is jjim, a method of slow-cooking or braising meats until extremely tender, so expect a fall-off-the-bone situation every time. Try the signature Beef Short Rib Jjim, a pile of soft, meaty chunks cooked on cast iron with vegetables in a sweet soy sauce served alongside steamed white rice plus your choice of add-on (kimchi, mozzarella, egg, or glass noodles). It’s big enough for up to three to share, though two hungry stomachs will suit just fine. The Seafood Pancake Jeon is a lighter, crispier take on the traditional, if you want something smaller, and the Seafood Tofu Soup, is a chilly day hug. Drinks-wise, expect a selection of cocktails, beer, wine, and Korean spirits like soju and makgeolli.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

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