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Apr 22

Where to Drink in Portland Right Now

New-ish Portlanders take so many things for granted, with “neighborhood bottle shop-as-beer-bar” being a principal asset that even long-time residents just assume is a given. Since founding in the Southwest townie enclave Hillsdale in 1999, John’s Marketplace has been a go-to for craft beer nerds who demand a bit more quality and selection than what’s available at either the Plaid Pantry down the way or the prized local brewery in the city center. John’s recently expanded across the Willamette River, and the result is a spacious beer market with thousands of to-go bottles along with around 15 taps available for on-site consumption in the spacious food cart pod that’s just outside. Here you’ll find favorite up-and-comers Jojo, which serves comically large fried chicken sandwiches alongside its namesake, and Holy Trinity Barbecue, which is giving Matt’s a run for its money as the resident siren for authentic ‘cue-deprived Texans, along with a handful of staples that sell tacos, falafel, and the like. 
How to order: Jockey for seating while waiting for your food cart order to finish, then grab a beer at the window on the eastern side of the market

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