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Like many great sushiya in Tokyo that are tucked into nooks and crannies—sometimes within train stations—10-seat Joji claims the lower level of One Vanderbilt Avenue attached to Grand Central Station. Within its serene oasis of gray and blonde tones, Masa alum George Ruan serves a luxe, 21-course omakase for $375 (and $275 during lunch for 17 courses). Potential starters include warm dishes like amadai karaage with ossetra caviar and grilled kinki fish, before moving into 15 nigiri—of which 90 percent is sourced from Japan—like nodoguro and shima-aji. Lucky guests conclude with a piece of exceptional Japanese fruit such as musk melon. And for anyone on the go, grab some packaged sushi sets at the team’s adjacent takeout venture, Joji Box.
Cost: $375 for dinner, $275 for lunch

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