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This 3.5 mile trail is located in between the Uptown and Oaklawn neighborhoods just north of downtown Dallas. The trail serves as a 26 acre linear park providing recreational and alternative commuting opportunities in one of the densest areas of the City.

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What was once an old abandoned railroad line is now one of the most iconic trails and destinations in Dallas. The trail extends 3.5 miles from SMU at its north end to American Airlines Center in the south, featuring a 12-foot-wide concrete trail (a better home for cyclists) and an 8-foot-wide soft-surface running path that's best suited to running or walking—not to mention the ideal place for taking in the beautiful scenery. And by “beautiful scenery,” we mean the attractive and fit people that flock to the trail every day. Make sure to pop by Katy Trail Ice House and grab a seat at the trail’s edge, where it’s even easier to people-watch. Plus, now through November, you can now enjoy a pair of sculptures on loan from the Nasher Sculpture Center near the Thomsen Overlook.

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