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Sometimes great wine is even better when you don't have to leave the house. KellySOMM is a Las Vegas-based mail-order service that specializes in natural and low-intervention wines. It's a one-woman operation by Kelly Ford, a sommelier with more than 20 years of experience. The goal is to fill gaps in the market, although the shipping range now goes beyond Nevada to at least five other states. Ford makes a point to only carry wines she would personally drink herself, marking them with silver stickers (for a more traditional, classic selection) or more colorful stickers (for funky or "natty" wines with unconventional flavor profiles). Ford has a few American wines in stock, but tends to prefer European varieties. Plus she’s is a big fan of Spanish Mancia wines, which taste similar to Pinot Noir. Ford responds quickly to emails and questions while customizing orders to fit customer preferences.
How to order: Visit KellySOMM online to purchase individual bottles or packages of three, six, or 12 bottles as either a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription with a 15% discount.

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