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Chef Nan Yimcharoen is behind this intimate Thai-Japanese concept that offers a seasonal, ten-course seafood-centric homage to her grandmother Friday through Sunday evenings, as well as a 20-course omakase sushi experience with just ten seats two to three times a week. You can also enjoy it at home with Kinkan ToGo, a beautifully packaged, multi-tiered bento box and chirashi don that’s brimming with fresh seafood like house-cured ikura, Japanese unagi, and Hokkaido scallops, though that doesn’t come with chef Yimcharoen’s in-depth explanations of the dishes and the inspiration behind each one.
How to book: via Tock.

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During the height of the pandemic last year, chef Nan Yimcharoen started shilling her artfully assembled chirashi bowls and bento boxes for takeout—all of which became instant Instagram fodder. While she’s still offering both to-go, she now has a brick-and-mortar space in which to explore one of the most unique fine-dining concepts to land in LA—inspired by her native city of Bangkok and her love of sushi. There are two options: The Sensei to Issho counter experience is a 20-course meal of immaculately prepared fish, designed to showcase Yimcharoen’s skillful mastery of sushi. Then there’s Homage to Grandma, a unique, ten-course, seafood-centric tasting menu blending elements of Japanese cuisine (like its delicacy and reverence for ingredients) with the deeply complex flavors of Thai food.
How to order: Make reservations or order to-go items online.

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