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Izakaya dining is a thoroughly atmosphere-based experience. You sit for a while with friends, settling in to do both your eating and your drinking in rounds, something halfway between a Basque pintxo bar and a British pub. At Kodō, the izakaya-inspired restaurant from David Wynn’s Kensho Group and Executive Chef Yoya Takahashi, the experience is elevated and quiet, distinctly less brash but with the good vibes intact. The space is stylish and fluid, with an impeccable design by gry space, and the menu is packed with fun, beverage-friendly small bites. Start with sake and Chef Yoya’s immaculate sushi, and maybe some Gobo Chips or their particularly lovely Caesar Salad. Grab a round of cocktails, maybe a Boulevardier flip with ume whiskey or a Margarita with yuzu, and move on into some grilled things like prawns laced with sansho pepper or a tsukune meatball formed into a burger patty and topped with a perfect jidori egg yolk. Then another round, perhaps some of the carb-focused Shime dishes and a glass of wine, followed by a stunningly good Miso Chocolate Brownie for dessert. And don’t forget their take on the Mexican digestif cocktail Carajillo, a final round with a little burst of caffeine for the ride home.

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