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For those who have never had the luck to experience Haitian cuisine, you are in for a real treat when visiting the Kreyòl Korner food truck. Chef and owner, Nahika Hillery, formerly worked in the science field, but now she brings the flavor chemistry to the kitchen, cooking up meals influenced by the ones her mother made when she was growing up. Be sure to try the Poule en Sauce, a stewed chicken dish in a tomato sauce with peppers and onions, whose layers of spice will make your senses soar. Another essential bite is the Akra fritters, made from the Malanga root, which is very popular in Haitian cuisine, and tastes woody and nutty while having the consistency of a potato. They may look like Hush Puppies, but are even better—and just as addicting. 
How to order: Kreyól Korner is currently accepting catering orders only, which can be placed directly through their website or via text 512-596-0094, and order can be fulfilled and delivered within 24 hours. Follow them on social media for updates on when they will reopen for walk-up traffic.

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