La Flor De Michoacán Paleteria (La Real de Michoacan)

Ice Cream Shop

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La Flor de Michoacan specializes in Mexican frozen treats, including ice cream in flavors like Pistachio, Guava, and Strawberry Vanilla; cream popsicles and fruit popsicles chock full of huge chunks of hand-cut fruit; shaved ice; chamangos; and more. Popsicles are really the least-respected of the frozen treats and truly deserve more love—on a hot day when you’re craving something icey cold, a fresh fruit popsicle can hit the spot in a way that ice cream or sorbet simply can’t. The popsicles here come in dozens of unique flavors like Tamarind, Soursop, and Nance Fruit, and are edible works of art—kind of like those soaps you see in stores that look like slices of fancy cakes you want to eat but can’t. These you actually can!
How to order: In-store.

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