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Cuba’s oldest beer got new life in 2016 when La Tropical’s Original Ambar Lager launched in the United States. In 2021, La Tropical opened its own, glass-and-palm-filled brewery on the fringes of Wynwood, packing the place with couches, outdoor tables, and eats from chef Cindy Hutson. La Tropical is a far more upscale endeavor than most local taprooms, and though it’s not exactly fine dining, it’s as much a nightlife destination as it is a brewery.
Beers to try: The Ambar Lager may be the historical favorite, but unless you’re into Vienna lagers, it’s far from tops on the menu. The Nativo Key Suave is a fruity, 4.5% IPA where you’ll barely recognize the hops, and for something stronger, try the Tropilina, an 8% Double IPA that’s just a few points short of fueling your car.

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