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Le Fantastique

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French Restaurant

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San Francisco
Nov 11, 2021

The Most Exciting Restaurants in San Francisco Right Now

The gist: Our wine bar dreams have come true in the form of Le Fantastique, where sustainable French wine, raw seafood, and records are the stars of the show. Courtesy of chefs Robbie Wilson and Emily Perry Wilson, of Palo Alto’s acclaimed Bird Dog, Le Fantastique was designed to complement the couple’s idea of a perfect night out. The high touch (but lowkey) space has been designed for optimal acoustics, with a custom-built Macintosh sound system built around a 1970s turntable in a golden, glowing space, centered around a curving sushi bar emblazoned with a distinctive, street art-inspired mural.
The food: Creative raw fish offerings showcase French-inspired flavors and Japanese techniques—mini eclairs are topped with caviar, fresh sourdough shokupan is served with house-cultured butter (and must-add supplements include local seaweed or spicy crab fat), and seafood can be sampled raw, smoked, or grilled. Large plates include chicken breast poached in creme fraiche, and a Wagyu ribeye.
The cost: Sushi is $9-$14, starters are $15-$22, mains are $28-$78.

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