Lewis BBQ

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Aug 6, 2020

Where to Eat in Charleston Right Now

The gist: Since the highly anticipated barbecue joint opened in 2016, locals and visitors alike have flocked here for its Texas-style meats, like buttery smoked beef brisket and the Hot Guts sausage. Lewis is perfectly suited to takeout because meat is served by the pound and perfect for sharing. This spot exceeds the hype.
The food: The number one thing you absolutely must get at Lewis is the brisket. It’s offered both sliced and chopped and, while you are welcome to get it either way, we opt for sliced and with lots of sauce (although ordering the brisket nachos is an approved alternative). Other favorites, of course, are the housemade Hot Guts sausage (served by the link), the El Sancho sandwich, and the green chile corn pudding. 
The cost: A pound of brisket costs $22, and Lewis recommends ¼-pound per person, sandwiches start at $8, a single side is $3 and a family-size quart is $12

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