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Lickin Good Smokin BBQ is a newcomer to the Vegas barbecue scene, opening in late 2021. Founder Joe Woodel was previously the pitmaster at The Beast by Todd English and is now following his own vision based on the barbecue he loved growing up in East Tennessee. The meats are smoked with cherry wood and finished over oak with an emphasis on flavorful rubs over sauces. Coleslaw is made to order. Forget about mac n' cheese. The restaurant does corn and cheese instead, finished elote-style with cilantro, Tajin, and cotija cheese. The chili is another killer side dish, mixing beans and brisket with hand-cut ancho chilis. If you prefer something on the lighter side, try the broccoli salad with pickled raisins, smoked sunflower seeds, and shredded carrots. The dining room plays everything from country and rap to house and opera, all based on Woodel's own shuffled playlist. Booze is on the way once an alcohol license is finalized.

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