Little Belize

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Los Angeles
Jun 23, 2021

23 Essential Black-Owned Restaurants You Should Know in LA

Nestled between Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Caribbean, Belizean food takes inspiration from these regions and more, resulting in a savory cuisine that leans heavily on rice, beans, seafood, and tropical fruits. The result is dishes like panades, Belize’s take on an empanada that’s filled with smoked fish, cheese, or beans before it’s thrown in a deep fryer and crisped to perfection, and ducunus, a Belizean-style sweet corn tamale. You can order both as starters at Little Belize, but you’ll want to save room for the restaurant’s most popular dish as your main: a succulent oxtail stew that’s slow-cooked in a secret brown sauce gravy and served with a starchy side of rice and beans, ducunu, or stew beans; your choice of potato salad, cole slaw, or green salad; and a plantain. 

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