Lloyd's Restaurant and Lounge

NE Atlanta
Comfort Food Restaurant

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Nov 18

Where to Drink in Atlanta Right Now

Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name and Lloyd’s hopes (or doesn’t hope) to be that place for you. It’s retro, but not necessarily sexy. Instead you’ll find lighting fixtures reminiscent of a Ruby Tuesday (before the remodels) and plenty of wood paneling. What we’re saying is it’s an excellent spot to post-up, drink a $5 martini (between 5 - 7 pm) and eat some pizza and pesto pillows.

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Oct 5

The Absolute Best Pizza in Atlanta

Come for the kitschy ‘70s basement bar vibe, stay for the pizza and cocktails. If you survive Atlanta traffic and arrive before 7 pm on a weekday, classic cocktails such as martinis and manhattans are only $5. The pizza is pretty classic—think toppings like sausage, pepperoni, and veggies—and makes an excellent companion to those cocktails. Get yourself some spinach and artichoke dip, too.

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