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The name of this adorable store opened is not a misnomer: this place is truly a local oasis for gift-giving and self-pampering, with Las Vegas flair. They have unique jewelry, fun graphic t-shirts and socks, journals, self-care items, terrariums (including a build-your-own terrarium bar), incense and essential oils, fun mugs and glassware, cute greeting cards for all occasions, embroidery kits, candies, card games for parties (appropriate for all ages and company), a children’s section, and an absolutely charming assortment of ornaments and seasonal items for the holidays (including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s and Father’s Days). There is an emphasis on Vegas- and Nevada-themed items like necklaces, pins, totes, ornaments, candles, postcards, dog toys, and even hot sauce, as well as a nice selection of gift items, souvenirs, postcards, jewelry, and more by local Las Vegas artists, including the shop owner herself, Abbie Renzema.

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