Ma'am Saab


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Aug 6, 2020

Where to Eat in Charleston Right Now

The gist: The latest exploratory entry to join the Workshop family is Ma’am Saab, a Pakistani kitchen from teacher-turned-chef Maryam Ghaznavi. The restaurant combines new and familiar flavors and provides ideal comfort food during challenging times. The name incorporates Ghaznavi’s Pakistani heritage with her love of Charleston, loosely translating to “Boss Lady.”
The food: Start with some beef samosas, which are flaky and delicate pastries filled with spiced beef. The chaat papri snack plate is a delightful take on a popular street food snack, featuring chickpeas, potato cubes, and crisps and drizzled with tamarind and yogurt chutneys. A great introductory dish is the chicken pakora wrap with masala fries, while more experienced diners will love the complexity of the lahori cholay (chickpea curry). 
The cost: Starters are $10 and entrees are $13-16.

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