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Sep 17

The Absolute Best Breweries in Seattle

Machine House Brewing specializes in cask-conditioned ales, meaning beers are room temp, unfiltered, and very British. Some say it’s the best way to drink a beer, at least compared to a keg—since the latter is essentially one giant beer can, and the former is undergoing a second fermentation in the barrel—but that's for you to decide. Browse four seasonal ales and three signatures here.

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Sep 22, 2020

Where to Drink Beer in Seattle This Fall

Named after a specific portion of an industrial space in Georgetown that housed Rainier way back in the day, today MHB uses said space to turn out cask-conditioned ales in the traditional English-style, including a surprising light Dark Mild, the Best Bitter brewed with British Crystal malts and First Gold hops, and several seasonal brews, all crafted on site by a guy who learned his trade in the Norfolk that's definitely not in Virginia. What makes these beers different is that a secondary fermentation happens in the barrels/kegs, which are stored in a cold room, like the one anyone making Norfolk jokes invariably has to face.

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