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Apr 2

The 19 Best Breweries in Portland, Maine

A bit off the beaten Portland path (plan on a 20-minute drive) sits one brewery that’s become a regional, if not national, destination. “Do what's right. Make great beer. Have fun.” is the longstanding motto here. And indeed, the company gives 1% of its gross annual sales to environmental causes and partners consistently with local environmental organizations. That, plus the headquarters’ rural setting, have made it a magnet for beer-loving nature enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the beer enjoys its own distinctions; the eight on-tap brews are constantly revolving, but usually eclipsed with constant orders for Lunch, its classic (and luscious) IPA.
The beer you shouldn’t skip: Besides the widely loved Lunch, there’s also Dinner, a double IPA that’s rightfully lauded for its spicy, fruity undertones and malty, sweet aromatics.
COVID-19 protocols: The taproom is open, as is the sunny patio—both serving beer plus pizza and salads with reservations. Bottles and cases can be ordered online for curbside pickup.

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