Maki Kosaka
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Maki Kosaka

New York
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Everywhere You Need to Eat in NYC Right Now

The gist: Mihyun Han and Key Kim, the couple behind the acclaimed West Village omakase spot, Kosaka, offer a more casual, hand-rolled sushi restaurant in Flatiron with Maki Kosaka. With the flower shop, Kinka, also located inside the front space, here, executive chef Sho Boo, originally born and raised in Osaka, serves up sushi in a multitude of forms with a menu inspired by her native Japan. In addition to fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, Maki Kosaka offers an array of combinations and sets, allowing diners one less hurdle to consider when it comes to curating a first-rate sushi meal. There’s also the recently launched Maki Omakase, a coursed-experience at a separate bar counter where chef Sho’s seasonal menu includes offerings outside of the traditional edomae omakase experience.
The food: Grab hand roll offerings include Bluefin Toro with caviar; Scallop with seared spicy pollack roe; King Crab with mustard vinaigrette; and Deep-Fried Chilean Sea Bass with ginger tartar sauce. Nigiri sushi includes Chu Toro, Kanpachi, Hotate, and more. An array of temaki hand rolls include Spicy Salmon, Snow Crab, Red Snapper plum, Tuna, King Oyster Mushroom, and more. The kitchen menu also includes non-sushi items like Shishito Peppers with garlic chili sauce; Agedashi Tofu; Shrimp Balls with crispy roe; and Fried Chilean Sea Bass with ginger tartare sauce. The restaurant exclusively uses nori from the island of Kyushu in Japan, and additional specials like a Hokkaido Uni Cup with caviar can be paired with beer, wine, and sake. Desserts by La Pâtisserie de Lauren are as minimalist as the food, with options like Matcha Almond Toffee or Hazelnut Cookies.

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