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The gist: Fresh, made-to-order poke and sashimi bowls in an unexpected hole in the wall.
The food: Poke bowls are everywhere in Hawaii, but sashimi bowls are a little less common, since you need extra skill to slice fish uniformly in the correct way. At Mama Kim’s, they only slice and dice your fish when you order—nothing is pre-made, so the flavor is extra fresh. One of the more popular items is the deluxe chirashi, which offers several different seafood bites in one bowl. Locals “in the know” love the neba neba bowl, which features slimy Japanese favorites like natto, okra, and yamaimo (mountain yam), with fish and crunchy pickled vegetables. If you’re hungry, you can add on fried boneless chicken, kimchi, or assorted sushi hand rolls.
The cost: Hand rolls are about $3.50 to $5; bowls range from $12 to $24.
How to book: Call 808-260-4109 or order online.

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