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Feb 19

Where to Eat in Portland, Maine Right Now

The gist: What began as a popular food truck cooked up by sweethearts Austin Miller and Hana Tamaki, is now a brick-and-mortar go-to for casual Japanese pub snacks and more, with the goods served all day. 
The food: Mami’s menu starts with snacks like yaki onigiri (miso-glazed grilled rice balls filled with spicy salmon and fermented mustard greens) and nikuman (BBQ’d steamed pork buns). Get the house burger—which comes with lettuce, tomato, and pickle plus American cheese, ketchup, Kewpie, and bonito flakes on a squid ink brioche bun—or a fried chicken katsu sandwich for a bigger meal. Watch for weekend ramen specials like Tonkotsu (creamy pork bone broth with a sesame paste tare, 6-minute egg, chashu, cabbage, and scallions), and rotating pastries, like toasted coconut-matcha mochi cake with coconut pastry cream. To drink, there are great local beers, plus lots of fun wine, sake, and sodas. 
The cost: Snacks hover in the $6-8 zone, larger dishes average $12, beer, wine, and sake go for $5-14. Gift cards and cool merch are also available. 
How to order: Limited indoor seating, takeout via Mami or Clover, delivery at Carhop and 2Dinein.

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