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New York
Sep 10

10 Essential Harlem Historic and Cultural Destinations to Explore on Foot

East 120 Street to East 124 Street on Madison Avenue
Marcus Garvey is well known as a political activist and Pan-Africanist originally from St. Ann's Bay in Jamaica. In 1916, he moved to Harlem and according to Shoemaker, “was one of the first to advocate that American-born Black citizens develop an appreciation of their connection to the mother continent, to embrace our dark skin, and to not see it as a badge of inferiority.” As such, Mount Morris Park was rededicated as Marcus Garvey Park in 1977 and it is bounded by 120th Street to the south, 124th Street to the north, and Madison Avenue to the east. In addition, Shoemaker explains: “the community of Harlem appreciates the park serving as a platform of diverse entertainment and cultural expression, in addition to the cornucopia of beautiful 19th and 20th century architecture that surrounds it.”

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