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Las Vegas
Apr 27, 2021

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Las Vegas

Mariana Alvarado was hosting Airbnb cooking classes when she decided to take her business in a new direction during the pandemic. The chef did her research and perfected a tortilla, scratch-made with hand-pressed masa. Masazul grew from there and now has the Vegas Test Kitchen all to itself every Tuesday through at least the end of May. The tortillas provide the starting point for menus that change by the week; each inspired by a different Mexican state—like Jalisco, Toluca, or Oaxaca— and utilizing the respective native corn. Dishes can range from a huarache (a sandal-shaped torta eaten with a knife and fork) to a roasted carrot taco with sesame-spiced avocado and spinach cashew cream. The one constant is the chips, made from masa and fried quickly for a souffle-like texture that's light and soft with a crunchy exterior. 

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